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The Emory Crawford Mysteries

  The Emory Crawford  Mysteries

Meet Characters

who live and work in Twombly, IL.

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​The Devil's Hook

ECM Book 2

There's kidnapping and ​

murder heating up 

the winter in Twombly.

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Murder Genteel

Pearl R. Meaker

The Devil's Music
ECM Book 1
There's murder and mayhem at Twombly College.

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Sue Ann Jaffarian – “Fans of Agatha Christie will adore The Emory Crawford Mysteries

                                         Series! Placed in the bucolic setting of a small college town, The

                                         Devil's Music has all the charm and allure of Christie's work.

                                         Pearl R. Meaker has developed a wonderful cast of characters                                              that you'll want to visit again and again.”

Meet Pearl

Writer & Artist,

Mom & Grandma,

Fiddler & Fencer

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Carolyn Hart – “Cheers for the Emory Crawford Mysteries series; an

                               engaging protagonist, authentic background, and intriguing

                               mystery. A series with charm.”

Molly MacRae – “Hooked on the first page! The Devil’s Hook marks the return

                                  of Pearl R. Meaker’s charming cast of cozy characters, a                                       town I’d like to live in, and best of all a good story.”